Executive MBA in Visionary Leadership and Futures Thinking

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Executive MBA in
Visionary Leadership and Futures Thinking

AACSB accredited leadership programme for future-oriented managers and entrepreneurs. This Executive MBA offers the opportunity for visionaries who have the courage and motivation to develop their organisational and leadership skills.

IfM has been offering MBA programmes with university partners since 2004. This is not without reason. The extra-occupational course allows excellent entrepreneurial and practice-oriented education at an academic level with high level of practical relevance. The excellent international reputation of the MBA confirms its position as a qualification for the top management. The MBA updates academic knowledge and acts as a career springboard to the top.

The Executive MBA is implemented by the prestigious University of Turku Finland, which is ranked in the top 1% worldwide. Turku School of Economics (TSE) is a faculty, conducting research and education in business studies and boasting internationally renowned research groups. The school has been accredited with the AACSB Award, which is a guarantee of high-quality education.

Why is Visionary Foresight important for leaders?

Barbara Malmström, Programme Manager at TSEexe/University of Turku

The Executive MBA

√ enables excellent entrepreneurial and practice-oriented education.

√ develops future-oriented leaders with a desire for innovation in our ever-changing business environment.

√ combines the latest research with an understanding of contemporary development needs in organisation, resulting in a strong foundation for business expertise.

√ places special value on networking and sharing best practices to shape future careers.

Facts & Figures

Type of study: Part-time programme, completed while working

Language of study: English

Accreditation: AACSB

Graduation: Executive Master of Business Administration conferred by Turku School of Economics

Duration of study: 2 years | 90 ECTS

Admission requirement: Bachelor’s degree or, equivalently, 5 years of work experience and relevant professional knowledge

Tuition fee: for IfM participants EUR 33.000,- (+VAT) to be paid in 4 installments.
This fee covers: Study materials, Analysis and evaluations, Peer and senior mentoring, Integrated Portfolio Process, Individual support

Additional costs:
Two International study weeks are invoiced separately

Executive MBA core themes

Become a visionary leader who is future-oriented, capable of business foresight, strategic thinking and decision-making. To lead change initiatives you will practise skills to stimulate and inspire others.

Gain knowledge on global business excellence and dynamics with emphasis on ecosystems, networks and global business development. Develop your views on stakeholder management, social enterprise and corporate social responsibility.

Draw on the importance of self-reflection and feedback in enhancing leadership identity as part of your professional development.

Learn to recognize and exploit disruptive opportunities with tangible ideas and solutions of new business creation. Strive for innovation, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial mindset when fostering growth.

Content and Structure

The Executive MBA consists of five modules and extends over 2 years. It is a mix of compact attendance phases as well as online courses and two weeks of study at partner universities. All modules are interactive sessions giving the participants the possibility to network and develop with an international community. The modules make use of capstone assignments, versatile learning methods and practical tools.


The module deepens the knowledge on global markets, international business and various strategies, cultural differences and working with diversity in virtual teams. It requires the participants to take part in a ‘living lab’ facility accompanied by excellent lectures. Participants will be assigned to lead a global virtual team with members scattered around the globe solving International Business Strategy cases. They will use the Strategizing in Global Virtual Teams session to prepare for this challenge, to get ready for the exciting opportunity to gain major insights into strategizing processes and to develop diverse professional competencies and transferable skills in the process.

The module has a special emphasis on future thinking and Corporate Foresight, Strategy and Dialogical Strategizing. Managing and driving Change and leading new business opportunities. The goal of the module is to provide the participant with strong foundation of new, visionary business competencies and broaden their capabilities required in business management roles.

This module strengthens overall business understanding. The key themes of this module are increasing one’s innovativeness and proficiency in strategic and futures thinking as well as developing managerial skills. Participants will also enhance their interpersonal skills, such as negotiation and influencing skills. These are enablers for more effective leadership and an entrepreneurial mindset.

In this module, the topics are centred around the core of creating new businesses and seeding innovative business ideas. The participants work on Strategic Foresight, Design Thinking, Managing Innovations, and Creativity. Entrepreneurial assignment which helps participants to develop a structure, process and mindset enabling their organisations to recognize and exploit the strategic opportunities of new business creation.

The module increases the participant’s scope to become a visionary leader with a future-oriented mindset. They will have a stronger perception of themselves as a leader. After the module, the participants will have a clearer picture of the impacts their leadership brings to organisations.

The module contains Leading in the Era of Disruptions and Uncertainty, Sustainable Growth and Responsible Business, Balanced Strategic Management, Negotiations and Influencing, Media and Crisis Communications and Inspirational Leadership, Mind, and Emotions Management.

During the process, participants have a unique opportunity to experience and reflect on what leadership is in a global context and how they work in virtual teams as leaders. They will benefit from mentoring by international senior leaders.

International Study Week

The International study weeks extend the participant’s understanding of the complexity of the global business environment and enhances the skills required to lead international operations. TSE plans to visit partner universities in Asia, South Africa, the USA and Europe. Destinations are announced 6 months in advance.

Portfolio Process

The integrated Executive MBA Portfolio is compiled during a participant’s studies. It contains an integrated analysis and reflection of the learning journey in terms of developing oneself and one’s organisation. At the beginning of the process, the participant will set personal, professional, and organisational goals. The portfolio process provides up-to-date practices, knowledge, and expertise that can be instantly applied for the benefit of the organisation.

Why study at TSE ?

Enjoy high-class education and be part of one of the best student communities in the world, while preparing yourself for exciting career opportunities after graduation!

High-quality | Focus on futures thinking | AACSB accredited | Community of learners

Networking and sharing best practices are important parts of the Executive MBA programme and future careers – it may even create business opportunities within the group.

University of Turku is among the top 1% in the world according to the results of QS World University Rankings.

TSE is ranked among the top 1% of the world’s 20 000 business schools.

TSE is AACSB-accredited; the accreditation by the AACSB International is a guarantee of high-quality education.

TSE combines the latest research results with strong practical expertise to produce a convenient degree for participants from companies, organisations and the public sector to enhance their business competence and personnel development.

TSE works with versatile learning methods.

What is the superpower of a Leader?

Barbara Malmström, Programme Manager at TSEexe/University of Turku

Why is Peer Mentoring important?

Barbara Malmström, Programme Manager at TSEexe/University of Turku

Alumni success stories

After graduation, you become a member of both the TSE alumni as well as IfM alumni network. Exclusive networking and business events are organized several times a year.

"For me, the MBA Turku programme has been a journey from the past to far into the future. I have noticed the transformation in myself from a general manager into a visionary leader. I have found a new spirit for leading everyday practices!"

Chief Officer | Rescue and Emergency Services

"The MBA Turku provided new perspectives for the development of my leadership skills and broadened my strategic thinking in particular. The high-standard international and domestic lectures, practical assignments, and interesting peer and senior mento"

Sales Manager | Retail cooperative

"MBA Turku offered a very good way to learn – I got a lot of new insights as we combined academic theory with practical experiences from day-to-day business and also from my own work experience. The diversity of the group and the inspiring fellow st"

CFO, Executive Vice President | Manufacturing Company

"During my MBA studies, I strengthened my business competence and broadened my perspective."

Managing Director | Financial Service Industry

"MBA studies gave me an opportunity to grow my own leadership toolbox: no matter what your experience and background is, it is always possible to learn more about the different dimensions of leadership."

Senior Vice President | Global Coating Industry

"For me, the goal in participating in the MBA programme was to expand my business competence, broaden my strategic thinking and enhance my leadership skills. As a big bonus, the network of skilled executives and experts brought about by the programme "

Head of Procurement | Pharmaceutical Company

"The MBA offered me an excellent vantage point on business knowledge and provided me with management and leadership skills. Still, the greatest value for me as a young leader was learning from the more experienced leaders and managers. Fellow students"

CEO | Global Marketing & Media Group

"Especially the peer-mentoring process was eye-opening. Networking with fellow students remains an invaluable asset for my future. Overall, I would argue that MBA has particularly changed my way of thinking about business, leadership, and management."

CDO and Head of Technical and Data Warehouse Services | Global Pharmaceutical Group

"For me as an engineer, one of the main things I’ve learned in the MBA programme is to see the different shades of grey, not just colours. I’ve recognised that what matters is how you use and apply the information and knowledge gained. The bonds w"

Managing Director | Global Industrial Business

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