Chief Officer | Rescue and Emergency Services

For me, the MBA Turku programme has been a journey from the past to far into the future. I have noticed the transformation in myself from a general manager into a visionary leader. I have found a new spirit for leading everyday practices!

Sales Manager | Retail cooperative

The MBA Turku provided new perspectives for the development of my leadership skills and broadened my strategic thinking in particular. The high-standard international and domestic lectures, practical assignments, and interesting peer and senior mentoring sessions have offered the participants different points of view, so as to challenge the old ways of doing things. Company visits and study journeys abroad have brought an understanding of different organisations, businesses, business competencies and cultures.

CFO, Executive Vice President | Manufacturing Company

Executive MBA Turku offered a very good way to learn – I got a lot of new insights as we combined academic theory with practical experiences from day-to-day business and also from my own work experience. The diversity of the group and the inspiring fellow students gave me a lot to think about during my studies and the network will be a valuable asset in the future as well. The programme started a personal growth process which I believe will elevate me to a totally different level as a person and as a leader.

Managing Director | Financial Service Industry

During my MBA studies, I strengthened my business competence and broadened my perspective.

Senior Vice President | Global Coating Industry

MBA studies gave me an opportunity to grow my own leadership toolbox: no matter what your experience and background is, it is always possible to learn more about the different dimensions of leadership.

Head of Procurement | Pharmaceutical Company

For me, the goal in participating in the MBA programme was to expand my business competence, broaden my strategic thinking and enhance my leadership skills. As a big bonus, the network of skilled executives and experts brought about by the programme proved to be no less important than the sound knowledge and inspiration gained!

CEO | Global Marketing & Media Group

The MBA offered me an excellent vantage point on business knowledge and provided me with management and leadership skills. Still, the greatest value for me as a young leader was learning from the more experienced leaders and managers. Fellow students and the senior mentors were able to offer knowledge that can never be gained from books.

CDO and Head of Technical and Data Warehouse Services | Global Pharmaceutical Group

Especially the peer-mentoring process was eye-opening. Networking with fellow students remains an invaluable asset for my future. Overall, I would argue that MBA has particularly changed my way of thinking about business, leadership, and management.

Managing Director | Global Industrial Business

For me as an engineer, one of the main things I’ve learned in the MBA programme is to see the different shades of grey, not just colours. I’ve recognised that what matters is how you use and apply the information and knowledge gained. The bonds within a diverse group of people with various backgrounds made the discussions colourful and fascinating. The MBA made us students a team, and the team became friends and ‘brothers-in-arms’ for life.

Stefanie Niederwimmer

Ein perfekter Mix aus Theorie und praxisorientierten Beispielen aus dem Business Management. Der Lehrgang hat auf jeden Fall zu meiner fachlichen und persönlichen Weiterentwicklung sehr beigetragen.